Mike has dedicated his professional life to understanding and teaching the golf swing. He turned professional in 1990 after a successful collegiate golf career at LSU from 1985-1990. Mike was in the lineup for teams which won the SEC Championship in 1987 and ranked #1 in the USA in 1989. His professional career from 1990-2015 included stops at great golf facilities in Louisiana and Kentucky. Mike was the Head Golf Professional at Owl Creek Country Club from 1999-2015 and this 17 year stay was the launching pad for becoming a full time instructor at the University of Louisville Golf Club in early 2016.
Mike has dedicated his career to understanding the mechanics of the golf swing to a level that would place him among the world’s most knowledgeable instructors and coaches. His promotion of scientific researchers who have become consensus experts in the field of golf swing mechanics investigation has fundamentally changed how golf instructors around the world digest and interpret information. Acknowledgement of this scientific pursuit of better understanding and better coaching resulted in Mike being awarded two separate Kentucky PGA Awards.
Mike runs programs for adults and juniors throughout the year at ULGC and is especially proud of his Mike Finney Junior Golf Academy which has exposed hundreds of junior golfers to high level instruction in their quest to play high school and college golf. Starting from scratch in 2016, Mike has built a program that is consistently producing Division 1 talent as well as helping middle school golfers become quality high school players. 
Mike is also one of 12 instructors worldwide who is a TrackMan Ambassador because of his understanding and advocacy on behalf of TrackMan’s benefits in day to day instruction. Teachers from around the world seek out Mike’s detailed knowledge of how TrackMan works and what the data parameters mean in real world, golf swing situations.
Mike exclusively fits Ping golf equipment. Ping is the clear leader in golf club engineering and design and they consistently bring equipment to market that is demonstrably better. Properly fitted golf clubs are essential for all golfers who truly want to reach their scoring potential. 
Mike Finney
Director of Instruction
Adult Lesson Fees
60 minutes - $150
30 minutes - $80
Junior Lesson Fees
60 minutes - $100
30 minutes - $50